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FinTech Compliance Expertise

Digital Lending: Trends, Consumer Benefits and Regulatory Implications

OFAC Enforcement Action and New Guidance for Instant Payment Systems Emphasize on the Importance of Sanctions Compliance

The New RIA Marketing Rules' Compliance Date Approaches

New EU Crypto Regulations: Crypto Licensing and Transfer of Funds

Southeast Asia Fintech Ecosystem

Tornado Cash Sanction Implications for Fintech Sanctions Compliance Programs

Robinhood Fine for Crypto Compliance Violations by NYDFS

Compliance Implications of Central Bank Digital Currencies

Top Fintech Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Fintech Startups Regulations: Why Does it Matter?

FinCen Cryptocurrency Regulation - Part 1: Foundations and Four Key MSB Considerations

FinCen Cryptocurrency Regulation - Part 2: FinCEN Funds Transfer Rule

FinCen Cryptocurrency Regulations - Part 3: FinCEN Customer Due Diligence Rule and FinCEN Ruling Examples

Smart Contracts and Proof-of-Stake: New Frontiers for Compliance

AML and KYC Compliance in Crypto

Legal and Compliance – Two Sides of the Same Coin

Common Questions About the FATF Travel Rule

GLBA Compliance: GLBA Safeguards Rule (Part 3 of 3)

GLBA Compliance: GLBA Privacy Rule (Part 2 of 3)

GLBA Compliance: An Overview (Part 1 of 3)

FINRA Regulatory Notice 21-31: Supplemental Liquidity Schedule

Financial Innovation: Operating in Uncertainty by Francesco Matteini for Unifimoney

Growth in Bank Fintech Partnerships, Evolving Models and Examples

FINRA’s Rule 5310: Why the Regulatory Focus on Best Execution is Here to Stay

4 Takeaways From the SEC's Risk Alert On Large Traders

Securities Compliance: Is Crypto a Security?

Money Transmitter Regulations: US Landscape

DeFi Regulations and Compliance Ramp-up in 2022

What Broker-Dealers Should Know About Gamification and Marketing Compliance

Reg SCI: Non-compliance with SEC

Seven Red Flags by FINRA: Volatile Penny Stocks

Cryptocurrency Laws and State Money Transmitter Regulation for Fintech Leaders

Super Account Administrator Role as defined by the FINRA Entitlement Program

Fintech Regulation: Tips for Fintech Founders and CEOs

SEC Update: Digital Compliance for BD and RIA Digital Engagements

Lessons From The OFAC Compliance Settlements With SAP And MoneyGram

Outsourcing is a Cost-Effective Way to Meet CCO Staffing Requirements

Three Major 2021 Enforcement Actions Signal Increasing Crypto Regulation Pressure

Payment for Order Flow and FINRA Rule 5310: A Guide for Online Broker-Dealers

Reg BI and the Fiduciary Standard: Compliance Guide for RIAs and Broker-Dealers

The Ascension Case: A Good Example of GLBA Violations

Fintechs Must Consider Regulatory Scrutiny

Seven Essential Takeaways from FINRA Rule 3110 and SEC Rule 17a-4

Compliance Can Be the Ultimate Strategic Advantage

CCO Update: Regulation S-ID and Identity Theft Protection

CCO Action Alert: Hiring Practices and Background Check Requirements

CCO Action Alert: Following FINRA Suitability Rule Guidelines - Finra Rule 2111 + Finra Rule 3110

Data Protection Compliance Checklist: Stricter Rules for Fintechs

CCO Action Alert: Stay on Top of Finra Retention Requirements

Three Lessons Fintech CCOs Can Learn from the Chime Settlement

Massachusetts Robinhood Complaint: Six Takeaways

2021 Fintech Compliance Regulatory Actions and Trends

Five Tips for a New Fintech Chief Compliance Officer: the Survival Guide

KYC Requirements and Due Diligence

2020 Fintech Regulations Guide for Fintech Startups

RIA Compliance: Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) Ultimate SEC Compliance Checklist

A Compliance View of Fintech Technology Choices

Increase Your Operational Effectiveness

Does Your Leadership Structure Meet FINRA Requirements?

Algorithm Compliance Does Not Happen Automatically

Compliance Lessons from This Pandemic Will Apply to Future Crises

Chief Compliance Officers: YOU Could Be Personally Liable for Compliance Violations

Compliance Consulting: An Attorney's Guide

Get Ready for Financial Advertising Regulation Changes

Clearing the Way to Omnibus Broker-Dealer Registration

Will Your Compliance Consultant Stay The Course?

Keeping Regtech in Context in 2020

Getting Clarity on Clearing Firm Selection

Miami is a Magnet for New Innovative Fintech Companies

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How to Get Crypto Out In Front of an SEC Enforcement Action

Mobile App Compliance: Munchee Mobile App Gets Cease-and-Desist Order

Fintech Ventures Profit from Outsourced Compliance Expertise

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Mobile App Regulations: Cybersecurity

Congress Investigates Fintech Lenders

How Business Model of Fintech Companies Affects Their Future - Part Two

How Business Model of Fintech Companies Affects Their Future - Part One

White Label Strategies for Fintech Startups in 2022