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Outsourcing Compliance: Making the Right Decisions for Your Firm


InnReg’s latest white paper provides fintech executives with a comprehensive overview of outsourced compliance and the benefits brought to the table by full-service compliance providers.

Successfully navigating a compliance outsourcing project will allow you to quickly acquire robust, repeatable processes that would take years to build from the ground up.

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Fintech Compliance: Full-Stack and Full-Service


Fintechs face a high degree of complexity with regulatory compliance. It’s a challenging area when you are not an expert in the underlying topics. 

This report helps fintech executives understand the full stack of compliance-related activities, and provides an essential guide to the differences between compliance consultants and full-service compliance providers

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Roadmap to Fintech Compliance for Founders

Fintech Compliance White Paper

If you’re a typical fintech executive, then you’re well versed when it comes to technology, market trends and funding. However, you may be in the dark when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Did you know your company already has substantial in-house intelligence? This report will help you understand how to create a regulatory compliance blueprint by using your user experience touchpoints as a guide.

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Ultimate GLBA Compliance Guide for Fintechs


This GLBA Compliance Guide by InnReg regulatory compliance experts includes a helpful GLBA checklist of actionable items as well as key requirements and helpful tips.

Key Points:

  • What is the scope of the GLBA
  • How to build strong data privacy and information security frameworks
  • Key requirements of the GLBA Privacy Rule
  • Key requirements of the GLBA Safeguards Rule
  • GLBA non-compliance fines
  • GLBA checklist

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