Fintech - Financial Institutions Partnerships

Preparing to do business with banks and other regulated institutions

If your company is operating in the fintech arena, then you’ll probably need to establish strategic fintech partnerships with one or more banks or other regulated entities. These institutions tend to have strict vendor compliance policies, because their vendors must adhere to all the regulations that govern their own business practices. That’s why their due diligence for potential new partners is so rigorous.

Giving a clear understanding of your regulatory structure

At InnReg we successfully support this process in two ways. First, we help our clients understand the type of regulatory structure required by the potential new alliance. Second, we prepare our clients for first pass approval by auditing and correcting any areas that would trigger red flags prior to your first conversation.

In addition we can facilitate contract negotiations by applying 10 years of insider expertise to help our clients understand where there’s room to maneuver and what’s etched in stone. So you ultimately get the best deal possible.

Successfully managing due diligence and records requests

We communicate with the new partner about your regulatory structure, and then manage prompt and proper response to all documents and records requests.

Demonstrating that you take compliance seriously

When you work with an outside compliance consultant like InnReg you demonstrate to potential partners that you’re more than just a fintech visionary. You demonstrate that you’re serious about deploying your products and services correctly in the real world. Plus they can rest assured you have ongoing access to compliance expertise whenever you need it. This is a strong edge, because you gain a comfort level with your new partner before you even kick off the review process.

Compliance Regulations Insights on Partnerships

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