Supporting Regional Bank Expansion Within Regulation

Supported a major regional bank’s expansion into wealth management services in line with U.S. regulations.


Develop the business plan for a new wealth and investment management service.


The client is a strong and established regional bank in South Florida, the fifth largest financial institution in its state and one of the top 50 most profitable banks in the U.S. The client wished to serve an increasing segment of international and high net worth prospects moving to the region. To tap into this new target audience, the client planned to launch a wealth management advisory service.


The client wanted help with assessing the market potential for the wealth management business and then designing the optimal operational structure to launch it.

InnReg's Solution

InnReg developed a launch strategy leveraging the strong foundation built on the client’s history and longevity coupled with forward-thinking innovation.

Client Results

The client has been acquired by a large global bank based in South America. The new management team is leveraging the InnReg business plan as a foundation for the launch strategy for its new wealth management and investment services program.

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