Setting Up a Robo Advisor Launch

Helped a robo advisor launch a compliant MVP that attracted additional rounds of funding.


Launch a micro-investing app designed to increase portfolio growth potential compared to conventional savings and investment accounts.


The client believes every single person would benefit from an investment approach that includes small, daily contributions. However, decades of experience as investment advisors had taught them this level of discipline is rare even with seasoned investors. Their platform solves this problem by rounding up a client’s credit and debit card purchases to the next dollar, and then automatically depositing this “small change” into a passively managed investment account.


The client needed guidance on how to identify and address potential regulatory compliance issues related to targeting international users. They also asked for support in identifying the best vendors to support the international launch of an innovative investment program and product in a regulated environment.

InnReg's Solution

  • Conducted a comprehensive gap analysis. 

  • Ensured that the compliance program was implemented in accordance with all SEC requirements for a Registered Investment Advisor.

  • Addressed all compliance issues related to targeting and managing international accounts.

  • Sourced and introduced regulated vendors who could support international clients.

Client Results

  • The client was successfully launched in 2016 on a strong compliance foundation.

  • They closed their first round of VC seed funding soon after launch and have moved on to securing Series A funding.

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