Implementation of a Compliance Program for an SEC-Regulated Company


Implement a Compliance Program for an early-stage RIA regulated by the SEC.


Our client is a prominent early-stage company offering an online marketplace that leverages advanced technology solutions to allow individual investors to identify sources of investment advice quickly and seamlessly. In particular, their platform allows users to filter financial advisors by customizable criteria based on their degree of user relevance, such as geographic location, services provided, or credentials.


The company’s business strategy is to fill a market niche by building a technology-driven solution to fulfill consumer expectations in a highly regulated industry.

Furthermore, it is challenging to design and implement targeted compliance solutions for an innovative offering with limited precedent regulatory guidance or established industry best practices. Therefore, current and specialized knowledge is needed to select tools and apply new forms of compliance expertise.

InnReg's Solution

InnReg assisted Finsie with the SEC registration process and helped regulators understand Finsie's offering because it was new and innovative. Specifically, InnReg helped Finsie design the offering in a way that satisfied the regulatory requirements while, at the same time, enabling Finsie to develop something unique.

In addition, InnReg was hired to establish the company’s custom compliance program to meet all ongoing requirements by both state and federal regulators – including AML processes, information security, vendor management, employee compliance, registration maintenance, and reporting requirements.

Specifically, InnReg:

  • Implemented a custom compliance program leveraging automated tools and outsourced compliance solutions;

  • Provided additional expert perspectives and advice;

  • Developed a platform workflow process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements (e.g., client disclosures, processing of advisory agreements, use of data, etc.);

  • Customized a proprietary compliance dashboard to track tasks and reviews (e.g., advertising and social media reviews, vendor management, continuing education, etc.);

  • Assisted in the overall SEC registration process.

Client Results

Successful launch of an innovative digital marketplace where financial advisors and investors can work together, while abiding by the letter and spirit of new regulations and guidance pertaining to advisor marketing and digital advice.

The partnership with InnReg allowed Finsie to build an effective and scalable compliance program that mitigates regulatory risk and builds the necessary infrastructure to promote the business’ fast growth and scalability.

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