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  • We are successful startup veterans, specializing in fintech regulation
  • Fast moving go-to-market deployment, while covering all the bases
  • Fluid manpower resources adapt to accommodate your operational model
  • Technology-neutral
  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing structure leverages short-term and long-term compensation incentives

GoodApril Case Study

FINRARule3110InnReg has actively contributed to the fintech explosion for more than 10 years, by helping fintech innovators solve complex regulatory challenges.

We contributed to the successful launch of GoodApril as we formulated their regulatory strategy and advised on vendor contract negotiations with key strategic alliances. This is a Techstars-backed program designed to automate tax planning for consumers. The service aggregates financial data from third party sources. Then it forecasts the amount of taxes due and identifies tax savings opportunities as they emerge in real time. It was a complex project for two reasons. First, we needed to ensure the automated processes fulfilled all applicable regulatory requirements when providing analysis of users’ tax situation. And second, we needed to ensure ongoing adherence with constantly changing IRS rules.

GoodApril was acquired by Intuit during launch. In fact, they are the only Techstars-backed company ever acquired prior to Demo Day.    

When it comes to your ideal setup we can leverage your current platform, or recommend the best technology stack to solve all your compliance and technology needs both effectively and cost efficiently. The final recommendation often integrates proven third-party solutions into your proprietary technology to achieve the optimal result. All of our systems and databases are cloud-based, so your team has easy access day or night from onsite or remote locations.

Fintech Compliance Services

Outsourced compliance:

  • Executive level: Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
  • Manager level: staff to support in-house CCO
  • Fully managed: complete team provides compliance department in-a-box

Partnerships with financial institutions:

  • Preparatory review of partner’s regulatory structure
  • Preparatory review of partner’s regulatory agency requirements (e.g., SEC, FINRA, CFTC, NFA, CFPB)
  • Manage due diligence meetings and respond to records requests
  • Provide ongoing compliance expertise in line with partner’s requirements

Information security:

  • Processes and safeguards
  • Best practices based on regulatory feedback

Product design:

  • Efficient regulatory setup
  • Maximized features and functionality
  • Optimized for revenue and growth  
  • Identify incremental opportunities
  • Analyze costs/benefits of becoming a regulated entity

Workflow design:

  • User-facing flows (account applications, information gathering, funds transfers)
  • Third party onboarding and due diligence (affiliates, lead generators, referring agents)
  • Back office operations (application decisioning, payments processing, data management)
  • AML and fraud prevention

Vendor compliance:

  • Due diligence
  • Performance monitoring

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