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At InnReg, we work tirelessly to be a different and a better choice for the clients we serve.

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Why choose InnReg - experts in regulatory compliance process for financial services and fintech.

Technology-driven Fintech Innovators

InnReg provides compliance and consulting services to fintechs that are disrupting the market and are driving innovation with limited budgets, which makes them a great place to develop a problem-solution mindset.

We are successful startup veterans with deep experience in regulations that impact fintech. Our team understands the unique complexities of financial innovation, providing the expertise and the resources you need to mitigate compliance risks. 


Your regulatory compliance needs are covered by world-class experts. 

Since our launch in 2013, we have been focusing on early-stage fintech startups and financial services companies. Over the years, we have helped launch technology-focused broker-dealers, lenders, investment advisors, crypto, blockchain, and digital asset innovators, and other disruptive companies in the fintech space. In that time, we’ve stayed true to our vision of ensuring solid compliance in the face of constant fintech innovation. 

Before launching InnReg, our founder was the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) at TradeKing and Zecco. He helped launch these innovative digital broker-dealers and eventually merge them into the sixth largest online broker-dealer in the U.S. with 500,000 customers and $2.6 billion invested assets. Ally Bank acquired the combined company for $300M in June 2016.  


Outsourced Compliance Model Benefits

InnReg enhances the capabilities of your executive team with in-depth subject matter expertise in compliance. You get the benefits of a combined hundred of years’ worth of experience in supporting the ideation, development, and launch of innovative fintech companies and financial institutions. 

While regulatory compliance may have an unfair reputation as a barrier to your business, we turn it into a source of competitive advantages for you, including higher revenue and profitability potential, because we focus on “how to” rather than “no.”

InnReg Compliance Expertise will help you:

  • Go to market faster 
  • Solve complex problems
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Mitigate risks

No matter what area of fintech, you will need to carry out compliance tasks to conduct legitimate business operations. The list of requirements quickly grows to a challenging, intimidating list. Working with InnReg means that there’s no need to hire and manage a full compliance department in-house. 

Our project plans for supervision and compliance include the full scope of critical tasks for your business:

Number of Regulatory Compliance Process Tasks

  • Broker-Dealer ~ 200
  • Investment Advisor ~150
  • Lender ~150
  • Money Transmitter ~130

Is your team performing them all today?

Our unique exposure to multiple business categories within financial services also gives you the benefit of the latest solutions and best practices from around the industry at large.


Regulatory risk minimization, effectiveness of compliance process, financial savings - services by regulatory compliance consultants InnReg.


Fintech Launch and Growth Expertise

InnReg works with both startups and established financial market players to deliver market-leading compliance services, uniquely tailored to innovative, technology-driven business models. 

Our consulting and regulatory compliance services help guide you through the specific challenges in your lifecycle as you move from launch mode to various stages of expansion and growth.

At any point in your lifecycle, we can provide specialized expertise or additional compliance resources to help you:

  • Scale and grow faster
  • Launch a new product in an unfamiliar regulated sector or market
  • Build a more efficient or more effective compliance platform


Tailored Approach

With InnReg, you can fully outsource all compliance and supervision activities, create a custom menu of the specific services you need to supplement your staff, or support an ad-hoc project. 

Our clients enjoy similar flexibility with our staffing, technology, and pricing.


Compliance Team Staffing

Most of our clients employ an in-house Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and some compliance staff to manage ongoing compliance activities. If you already have a CCO or other compliance staff in-house, InnReg can step in to provide skills or resources that your team doesn’t have. We assign resources to be as available to you as a full-time in-house resource would be. InnReg experts are immediately available, immediately operational.

We are also structured to reduce your involvement in the management of compliance tasks to near zero, if you so desire, so you can focus on building and growing your company. 

We can manage the development and implementation of a compliance program for you, including training of your newly hired team.


InnReg’s approach is technology-neutral. We can leverage our clients’ technology stacks, or utilize our own best-in-class tools for supervision, control, audit, and administration. We can also offer a hybrid approach, merging the best elements of your platforms and ours. Our loyalty is to your business needs rather than to specific technologies.

We also know that building infrastructure can be a daunting task. You can easily end up with the wrong combination of technology, misaligned to your business model, or packed full of expensive and unnecessary features that paint you into a corner. 

We can advise you on how to choose the best systems and APIs for your business goals and regulatory requirements.

Compliance Consulting and Outsourcing Pricing


By outsourcing to InnReg, you get all the benefits of an in-house compliance department, with much lower costs and management overhead. You tap into resources with sophisticated skill sets that are in high demand in the job market, without the salaries, benefits and bonuses of an internal team. 

Not only that, but you only use the services you need from niche experts such as KYC and AML specialists, fraud analysts, and more – tailored to the needs of your business. 

The total savings can be between 30% to 50% compared to staffing an in-house team.

Our “pay-as-you-grow” pricing structure evolves with your needs and creates incentives for shared success. For early-stage startups, we are also open to discussing a mix of cash and equity compensation.

We want our clients to focus on solutions rather than worry about the number of billable hours. 



Why hire InnReg to support regulatory audit, regulatory remediation, and compliance services and outsourcing for innovative fintech businesses.


Organizational Fit

InnReg provides expert compliance support at all levels of seniority. We cover the full range of compliance tasks seamlessly, working as an extension of your internal teams. You can choose to be as involved or as distant from day-to-day compliance activities as you wish. 

We dedicate highly-qualified manager- and analyst-level administrators to manage your daily compliance processes. We can train your team to manage compliance and operations workflows before, during, and after your product goes live. 

We can also provide seasoned C-Level experts to lead your compliance function as a member of your executive team, up to and including being registered as Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) with your industry regulator. 

Since we operate as part of your team, committed to your success, we do not cap hours or create restrictive timeframes around when you can access resources. 

Some compliance consultants might work that way, but InnReg does things differently to better suit your needs. 


Cloud-Based, Nationwide Model

Your team and your clients are everywhere, and so is our regulatory compliance support.

Our operations are 100% digital and cloud-based, so your team enjoys anytime/anywhere access regardless of physical proximity. Our team of properly licensed experts is distributed to mirror your geographic footprint. 

Our U.S.-based team of experts is distributed across the country. You have complete coverage across U.S. business hours, and can access your team by phone, email, or conference call at a moment’s notice. 

Nationwide distribution allows us to leverage the best human capital located outside high living costs hotspots, helping your compliance needs and your bottom line. As appropriate, we also schedule onsite visits to build relationships and a better connection to your team.

You are also able to see all aspects of our operational activity on demand. 

We track every process and task using our cloud-based technologies. Our work is visible to you whenever you choose to look.


Full Compliance Stack Responsibility

Many compliance consultancy firms focus on one specific aspect of compliance. They prepare helpful recommendations that become your responsibility to implement. As a full-service provider, InnReg stays the course to implement it for you

We are able to build and run your entire compliance function. We focus on your business, in good times and tough times, because we know successful compliance depends on day-to-day, end-to-end excellence in the operational execution of compliance processes. 

As a full-service provider, InnReg takes responsibility for your full compliance stack, including:

  • Crafting recommendations for a regulatory strategy
  • Collaborating directly with clients and engaging with regulatory agencies
  • Working through the details of strategic and technical partnerships
  • Integrating technologies and setting up workflows
  • Guiding clients through building a compliance function
  • Embedding compliance staff into client operations
  • Registering a senior licensed compliance professional as the client’s CCO
  • Supporting compliance beyond areas that fall under financial regulatory entities, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or Department of Commerce

We seamlessly support a superior user experience for customers, employees, and strategic partners. As a result, you reduce your risks and costs while strengthening your foundation for business growth.


We Think About What You Need to Know

Compliance is a specialized discipline and regulations are complex to follow. We find that many companies are unsure what to ask or where to start. Many fintech innovators are not even fully sure which regulations are applicable or where and how they should become regulated entities.

We’re highly adept at showing our clients where the obstacles and pitfalls are lurking, and how to manage around those obstacles while making sure that regulators are comfortable with your approach. 

We also watch the changing regulatory landscape so that we can anticipate potential new risks and address them proactively. 

In our experience, there are seven questions you should always be asking yourself or your potential compliance advisors. In working with InnReg, you get a partner who can give you reliable answers.

  • Should we or must we operate as a regulated business?
  • Which local, national, and international regulators should we engage?
  • How can we minimize the operational and cost impacts of regulation?
  • What business model opportunities can we create by building our compliance capabilities
  • What resources (people, process, and technology) do we need to operate?
  • Are we reasonably “future-proofed” for possible changes to our business model or to regulations?
  • What are the consequences of getting compliance wrong in our area?


Past Compliance Services Client Examples

We have managed the process to obtain regulatory clearance for groundbreaking products and services or to overcome regulatory enforcement challenges. We have also designed workflows to ensure a compliant user experience and back-office processing, including:

  • The first broker-owned social networking platform, where 300,000 users publish validated details about their trading activity to other members
  • A browser extension for one-click order entry that recognizes stock symbols on third-party websites (e.g., Yahoo Finance) and opens a pop-up window for trading
  • Gift certificates for stocks
  • Brokerage APIs for deployment on affiliate sites
  • Mechanisms preventing a non-regulated entity from engaging in inadvertent regulated activity while maintaining data security
  • Compliance and cybersecurity program and support for crypto and blockchain assets lender and custodian
  • Regional bank new product launch and operational structure design
  • Update of operational systems of a small lender to meet the compliance requirements of a large regulated partner,
  • And many more...just ask!

The scope of our engagements varies from narrowly-defined ad-hoc projects to long-term partnerships where we act as an outsourced provider of operations and compliance management services. 

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