There are many compliance consultants out there. What makes InnReg different and better?

Experience: We launched our business in 2013, focusing on companies in the fintech arena. Since our founding, we have helped launch and grow technology-focused broker-dealers, digital lenders, alternative trading systems (ATS), crowdfunding platforms, online advisors and robo advisors, cryptocurrency platforms, and other fintechs.

Digital focus: Most compliance consultants are experts in traditional financial services business models. They’ve been part of a 100+ member compliance team at a Wall Street bank or worked at a regulatory agency for a few years after college. They do not always understand the nuances of regulation and compliance for digital products and startups.

Depth of service: While many other compliance consultants are good at identifying problems, they fall short when formulating effective, cost-efficient solutions. InnReg shows clients where obstacles and pitfalls are lurking and how to manage those obstacles while ensuring regulators are comfortable. We also run compliance programs from end-to-end: planning, implementing, and then acting as an outsourced provider of compliance leadership, management, and operations. 

Solution focus: We never point out a problem without offering a solution. We’ll advise on how to innovate and remain competitive while working within compliance boundaries, helping build an efficient, effective, and scalable compliance platform that accommodates program needs during beta testing, product launch, and market expansion.

Results: Before launching InnReg, our founder was the Chief Compliance Officer at TradeKing and Zecco. These startups launched and merged into the sixth-largest online broker-dealer in the US, with 500,000 customers and $2.6 billion in invested assets. Ally Bank acquired the combined company in June 2016. 

Key successes include:

  • The first broker-owned social networking platform, where 300,000 users publish validated details about their trading activity to other members

  • A browser extension that recognizes stock symbols on third-party websites (e.g., Yahoo Finance) and opens a pop-up window for one-click order entry

  • Gift certificates for stocks

  • Brokerage APIs for deployment on affiliate sites

  • Currency-based trading in fractional shares using a mobile device

Cost-effectiveness: InnReg provides the benefits of an in-house expert department with significant savings. You only pay for the staff time you need without additional overhead. Also, our compensation structure accommodates the financial constraints of early-stage clients—we are willing to align our incentives with those of founders and investors.

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