Fintech Product Compliance

Helping Your Fintech Product Meet Compliance Requirements

You’ve developed an innovative new product that’s sure to disrupt the status quo in the fintech space, but will it also fulfill all applicable fintech regulatory compliance requirements?

At InnReg we’re passionate about maintaining your creative vision, without raising regulatory red flags. We work with our clients to maximize their product functionality, optimize user experience, and maximize profits.

We start with a strategic session where we raise the right questions to determine:

  • The optimal regulatory structure given the fintech product compliance requirements, the competition, the business model, the long-term growth strategy, and the changing regulatory environment
  • The best business model to ensure you’re capturing all potential revenue streams
  • The best operational model to simplify regulatory requirements, create process efficiencies, and save money
  • The costs and benefits as well as the best process for becoming a regulated entity (e.g., broker-dealer, robo advisor, online lender, crowdfunding platform, digital currency platform, etc.)
  • The costs and benefits of leveraging an alternative to a regulated entity (e.g., partnerships, white label program, etc.)

Are you’re wondering if your team is asking the right questions, triggering regulatory red flags, or missing opportunities?

Compliance Regulations Insights on Fintech Product Compliance

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