Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance for Fintechs

Is your fintech organization secure against cyber threats?

Cybersecurity is complex. Threats change, regulations evolve, and enforcement policies develop. Companies that operate in the EU may need to comply with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in addition to US rules. Information security is a rapidly growing field.

At InnReg, we are dedicated to reducing cybersecurity risks. We assist both early-stage and established companies in understanding regulatory requirements and implementing a customized InnReg Cybersecurity Protection system.

We start with an assessment of your current information security program. Based on the analysis, we take a two-pronged approach to prevention and protection. Our protocol aims to minimize the risk of breaches and regulatory actions.

The Deliverables of InnReg's Custom Cybersecurity Protection System:

When you choose InnReg's Custom Cybersecurity Protection system, you can expect a comprehensive set of deliverables that will enhance your organization's security. Here are the key components of our system:

  1. Review information security practices. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your current information security practices using our proprietary Internal Controls Register methodology.
  2. Perform a risk assessment. Our experts identify any gaps in your existing information security system through a detailed risk assessment.
  3. Provide guidance on remediation efforts. We offer guidance and recommendations on necessary remediation efforts and corrective actions to eliminate control gaps and enhance your security measures.
  4. Identify high probability cybersecurity threats. We identify and analyze potential cybersecurity threats that pose significant risks to your organization.
  5. Assess current controls. We assess whether your current controls are sufficient to mitigate the identified cybersecurity threats effectively.
  6. Evaluate breach detection capabilities. We assess the effectiveness of your existing logic and physical controls in detecting system breaches and determining any compromised data.
  7. Develop a detailed Information Security Procedures roadmap. Our team prepares a comprehensive document that outlines the program logic and provides detailed implementation guidelines for every element of your custom cybersecurity system. We ensure that it aligns with industry best practices.
  8. Deploy the cybersecurity system. We assist in deploying the cybersecurity system by publishing the Information Security Procedures document, managing distribution, conducting employee training, measuring program performance, and managing reporting and program updates.
  9. Lead regulatory reviews and due diligence. We take the lead during any regulatory reviews or due diligence processes, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

By delivering these essential components, InnReg's Custom Cybersecurity Protection system provides a robust defense against cyber threats, safeguarding your organization's sensitive information and reputation.

Compliance Regulations Insights on Fintech Cybersecurity

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