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Cybersecurity is a complex discipline. Threats morph. New cyber-specific regulatory units emerge. Regulatory guidelines change. Enforcement policies evolve. And now companies doing business with an enterprise that has an EU footprint may need to comply with European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules, in addition to US rules. It should be no surprise to learn that Information Security has become one of the fastest growing career categories.

At InnReg we’re passionate about mitigating cybersecurity risk. We partner with early stage companies as well as established firms. We help our clients understand the regulatory requirements applicable to their business, and then we work with them to develop and deploy a custom InnReg Cybersecurity Protection system.  

The process begins with an assessment of your current information security program. The resulting analysis becomes the basis for a two-prong approach designed to prevent and protect. This dual action protocol works to reduce the threat of a breach, and to reduce the threat of a regulatory enforcement action.       

Your custom InnReg Cybersecurity Protection system will include these deliverables:

  • Review information security practices, applying our proprietary Internal Controls Register methodology
  • Perform a risk assessment to identify gaps in the existing information security system
  • Provide guidance on remediation efforts and corrective actions in order to eliminate these control gaps
  • Identify high probability cybersecurity threats
  • Assess whether current controls would adequately mitigate these threats
  • Assess the ability of current logic and physical controls to detect a system breach, and to determine whether any data has been compromised
  • Write and gain approvals on a detailed Information Security Procedures document. This procedures document delivers an overview of program logic, plus the implementation detail covering every element of your custom cybersecurity system
  • Deploy the cybersecurity system: publish Information Security Procedures document, manage distribution and employee training, measure program performance, manage reporting and program updates  
  • Take the lead during any regulatory reviews and/or due diligence processes

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