'Fintech Compliance: Full-Stack and Full-Service' White Paper

Fintechs face a high degree of complexity with regulatory compliance. It's a challenging area when you are not an expert in the underlying topics.

InnReg's comprehensive Guide helps fintech founders understand the full stack of compliance-related activities. The Guide provides insights to help fintech leadership understand the differences between compliance consultants and full-service compliance providers.

Key points:

  • What is the key difference between compliance consultants and full-service providers?
  • What are the eight must-have elements of a compliance stack for a financial services innovator? The foundational layers of the compliance stack create a stable structure for the next level of elements in the stack.
  • Three typical compliance examples. They illustrate the need for a compliance stack for financial innovators in a variety of financial services niches.
  • What does a full-service provider offer that the in-house hire can't? With full-service provider firms, fintechs benefit from deeper and wider regulatory expertise than the typical in-house resource.
  • What to look for from a full-service compliance partner. 11 most critical requirements a fintech founder or CEO should keep in mind when evaluating and hiring a full-service Compliance Partner.

About Author: InnReg, which stands for Innovation Within Regulation, was founded in 2013. InnReg’s team is passionate about partnering with visionary leaders on their cutting-edge concepts. Our mission is to maintain the integrity of an innovative product idea by solving all regulatory obstacles and without taking on undue regulatory risk. Our goal for our clients is to launch creative new products that produce profitable returns over the long term with no regulatory surprises.

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