Compliance and Cybersecurity Program for Crypto Lender


Setup and outsourced compliance operations for thousands of users and millions of dollars in assets.


A global innovator in the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency holdings needed support to ensure two core elements of its business. First, as both a lender and a custodian of assets, it needed to meet the compliance requirements of the many national and local jurisdictions where it operates. Second, it required a cybersecurity approach to meet global financial standards.


  • Operating in the world of cryptocurrencies creates potentially higher degrees of risk in the prevention of money laundering.

  • The client’s business model and global scope required a complex regulatory structure across countries and, in the U.S., individual states.

  • Operating globally also entails adopting and complying with data protection and data security best practices.

  • The client works with a wide range of affiliates and distribution partners as well as customers of its white label solution.

InnReg's Solution

  • InnReg completed a full risk assessment of the client’s business.

  • InnReg designed an end-to-end outsourced compliance and cybersecurity program, including:

    • Regulatory filings and updates

    • Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Activity Reporting

    • Management and protection of client and transaction data

    • Vendor and partner management

    • Marketing and advertising compliance

Client Results

  • The client has the ability to manage thousands of end users and millions of dollars in assets in a compliant manner where it does business.

  • The client has successfully avoided the risks inherent to their business model.

  • The client has saved extensively by using dedicated, outsourced compliance professionals rather than building an in-house team.

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