Regulatory Compliance for Fintech in Southeast Asia

Ready to navigate the complex financial regulations of Southeast Asia's vibrant and diverse fintech markets?

Are you an innovator launching or operating a fintech in Southeast Asia?

Expanding beyond your current region?

Are you looking for a global expert in fintech compliance?

InnReg is your trusted partner in compliance consulting and outsourcing services, offering a bridge between Southeast Asia’s dynamic fintech sector and the global financial market.

Since 2013, InnReg has been providing compliance consulting and outsourcing services to fintechs worldwide. InnReg offers global fintech compliance and operations consulting and outsourcing services focused on mitigating regulatory risk while ensuring clients can launch innovative fintech products and services.

Our dedicated team of over 30 Regulatory Compliance and Innovation Consulting experts has had the privilege of supporting some of the industry’s most successful startups and scaleups in regulated and unregulated markets.

InnReg’s expertise goes beyond compliance: we set up and manage outsourced operations while mitigating regulatory risks.

We can help your fintech in its expansion journey to or from Southeast Asia

Why InnReg for Southeast Asia?

If you’re interested in learning more about how InnReg can support your company in navigating Southeast Asia’s complex fintech regulatory landscape, reach out to us.

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InnReg Expertise for Southeast Asia Fintech

Over the past ten years, we've leveraged our deep industry expertise to help numerous clients in the broader fintech industry, including the following verticals: 

  • Broker-Dealers
  • Crypto/Blockchain (including DeFi and Web3/Digital Asset providers)
  • Digital Lenders
  • Money Transmitters
  • Neobanks
  • Robo Advisors 

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Compliance Services for Southeast Asia Fintech

Our diversified portfolio of compliance services can assist banks and brokerage firms in aligning with U.S. or other global market regulatory requirements.

Outsourcing Services

  • Broker-Dealers 
  • Crypto/Blockchain (including DeFi and Web3/Digital Asset providers) 
  • Digital Lenders
  • Money Transmitters 
  • Neobanks
  • Robo Advisors 

Consulting Services

  • Coverage of client’s regulatory structure requirements
  • Coverage of regulatory agency requirements
  • Management of due diligence and records requests
  • Regulatory inquiry and investigation support
  • Monitoring for regulatory changes
  • Marketing, advertising, and content compliance
  • Employee onboarding
  • Risk assessment and quality control
  • Electronic books and records management
  • Information security and data protection procedures
  • Technology and vendor review 

Operational Consulting and Compliance Workflow Design

  • User Experience Recommendations: Recommendations for user experience optimization, such as onboarding, transaction processing, fund transfers and more.
  • Third-Party Due Diligence: Assistance in onboarding and due diligence of third parties (e.g., affiliates, referral agents, lead generators)
  • AML and Fraud Prevention: Support with AML, fraud prevention and suspicious activity monitoring in adherence to US market standards.

Client Testimonials

Bank-Owned Broker Dealer

“Operating a business in a highly regulated industry carries risk. InnReg has provided us with an individualized compliance program that they manage and monitor. It's a relief to know that we have expert industry professionals taking care of both our compliance and information security programs. Their services allow us to focus on growing our business and offering a great experience to our users, knowing our compliance program is in good hands.”
- Client CEO

Crypto Lender

“Francesco and his team helped us build and scale a global crypto company, navigate the many complex legal and regulatory challenges, and design a product that helped us satisfy our many constituents – customers, partners, local, national and international regulators. The team also provided critical guidance in the areas of risk management, security, HR, and strategic roadmap considerations. They have become a full extension of our team, and we would not be in the same place today without their endless guidance, support, and great judgment.”
- Client CEO

International Trading Platform

“I want to acknowledge the great work your firm and specially you have made for our growing fintech during the last three years. Whatever the company achieves, it wouldn't have been possible without your first class services."
- Client VP of Legal

Alternative Trading System

"Our business model is based on algorithms and high-volume trading. Using InnReg as our outsourced compliance program allows us to keep up with the frequency and depth of complex regulatory requirements. I also see it as an important strength for our continued growth in the U.S. and beyond."
- Client CEO

Fractional Broker-Dealer

“Francesco has been the driving force in establishing our compliance, legal, and risk management functions. His experience and profound knowledge of the industry have been instrumental in protecting our brand during high-growth periods, as well as through challenging times. A clear communicator, Francesco has established strong relationships with industry regulators. In addition to his experience and knowledge of business, law, and regulations, Francesco has an extremely organized approach to problem-solving. I have been very happy to work with Francesco and look forward to doing so again in the future.”
- Client President and COO

Early-Stage, Cross-Border Neobank

“Having a Compliance Officer backed by a team with the right knowledge and a compliance practice with the appropriate artifacts and methodology is a huge help. InnReg has enabled us to operate with confidence and focus on execution. We initially hired InnReg to provide temporary support, but they have become an intrinsic part of our business.”
-  Client Founder and CEO

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Over the last few years, Singapore's success has been primarily driven by its strong technology infrastructure, global connectivity, dynamic corporate environment, and expansive market reach.

Apart from its reputation as a financial center, Singapore boasts one of the most favorable regulatory environments for both new and well-established fintech companies led by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the primary regulator of the city-state’s fintech sector. 

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